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To smoke in urban areas, such as in the dressing room of Sears, or in the bathroom of Target.
Tom: Hey do you want to go urban smoking?
Vince: No bro, last time we almost got caught.
by Big Vince 80190 May 03, 2007

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To leave or "peace out" as fast as possible.
Hey Tom do you want to "Peel Out?" This party is gay as fuck.
by Big Vince 80190 March 27, 2007

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To negatively comment someone's actions referring to them as being a hoe. Most people use it in the placement of "trippin."
Lamar: "Hey we still gonna smoke that blunt tonight?"
Alex: "Dog, I told you I was grounded nigga! Why you keep fringin?"
Lamar: "Aint nobody fringin over here nigga!"
by Big Vince 80190 June 10, 2007

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A type of plant usually grown in the front yard.
In Lil Wayne's song Cali Dro, he says:

"And I smoke that kill, Ya'll blowin on Bagonias..."

He is referring to how weak their marijuana is compared to his.
by Big Vince 80190 June 01, 2007

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Chaldean for "How are you?"
Vinson: Dichewat bro?
Tom: I'm doing good, dichewat?
by Big Vince 80190 April 28, 2007

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