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verb - also turgling, turgled, turgles.
proper noun - also Turgler.

Contraction of turd burglar or turd burgler. A person who is a turd burglar (i.e. using various acts, one who robs another person of his/her ability to shat. akin to a "psyche out" in baseketball). Typically a male turd burglar uses the act to establish dominance through intimidation within the bathroom environment. Often used as a verb in the past tense when complaining about others or bragging about onesself.
With a loud and sudden release of gas and feces, John turgled the other guy in the bathroom. Shortly afterward the other guy quickly wiped, flushed and then left the bathroom without washing his hands.

Why did he even try the stall door? I know he could see me sitting in there. That bastard had turgling on his mind, no doubt.

Hey, it's Turgle (refering to Mike).
by Big Jux October 08, 2005
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A strong slap given out of annoyance or meanness which leaves the recipient slightly dazed and confused.

From the Malay phrase "penampar Jepun" to describe harsh treatment by Japanese soldiers during the Malaysian occupation of WWII.
HAHA! My dad just pimp-slapped, bitch-slapped and jap-slapped my little brother.
by Big Jux March 12, 2006
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