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Bethan is an inocent looking girl who, whithout meaning it, leads all her male friends into her trap where she plays with there hearts and then tosses them out with nothing to show for it but a broken heart.
also Bethan is believes herself to be greatly missunderstood and different when really Bethan's just attention seeking.
also Bethan changes her mind about who she fancies about every 2 days,
Bethan is pesimistic
Bethan is big headed
Bethan takes everything the rong way
Bethan says blonde stuff alot
"no i don't fancy him anymore, i did a bethan"
"I'm not looking for anybody right now, or am i thinking bethanlike?"
"omg that is such a bethan thing to say"
by Betty (aka Bethan) September 20, 2003
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the desire to become wasted

the habit of become wasted oftern
"I am in a wasteful mood" - Richard

"I am wasteful in my ways"
by Betty (aka Bethan) November 21, 2004
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"hip" word used by peps trying to be cool or actually cool people like myself, but only used online or in writing by truley class ppl
"it's well cool"
"look at yonder wishing well"
by Betty (aka Bethan) October 07, 2003
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