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A bad smell, stain, taste or similar. so bad that it draws up vomit to the back of your throte, and makes you dry-wretch.
omg that smells like shit man! you has got the funky taint.
by Bernard p November 13, 2007

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a complete and total retard, one who lets all insults go 'woop-woop' over their stupid inbred retard mind.
you:hey you fuckin retarded monga!
monga:yer? me?
you: hey um, your mum said that i was the best thing she ever had, but like tell her to fuck off coz she'll scare off all the tight little cheerleaders.
monga:my mummy says im the coolest person in school.
you:well then tell your mum shes also an idiot for thinking that.
by Bernard P June 19, 2007

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A party or gathering, so packed with people that if a riot was to start, the resulting chaos would end up mashing EVERYBODY into a pulp.
Yo, i went to a sick as party last night, it was a feckin cattle grinder tho!
by Bernard p September 06, 2007

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Exactly the same as 'exelent' but a stronger word for it.
dude, i just finished GHIII on expert! how exelent am i?
you are so exelent you are in-fact sexelent.
by Bernard P February 13, 2008

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the act of and insult not hitting its mark because of the intence stupidity of the intended victim. usually used in conjunction with a movement of the open palm over the head twice.
hey, i just said to that fag "i pumped yo mumma all night long!"
he was like "my mummy sez im the coolest kid in school!"
wow, it really went woop-woop over that guys head.
by Bernard P June 22, 2007

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