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the realest trillest and downright most kilelst part of M.E.M.P.H.I.S.
"black haven style, put the glock up to ya mouth..." Gangsta Boo
by Ben Joseph February 14, 2005
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someone who will do anything to attract attention to themselves. usually done to keep 2 people apart.
i couldnt hang with my girlfriend cuz this girl kept making excuses to keep her away from me. what an attention whore!!
by Ben Joseph January 17, 2004
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to get some weed
at skool yesterday i copped some dro, man
by ben joseph March 18, 2004
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definition from allie monat: crimson, wind-kissed cheeks, effervescing laugh, intoxicating presence, brown hair, voluptuous with soft curls, and streaks of dark red sleek, mature silhouette of a woman. Her jeans hug her body in all the right places, and my allie monat's non-existent hips cower in her presence.

I love Ariel Kaplan she's the most amazing person in the world!!
by Ben Joseph January 17, 2004
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the tightest fuckin clique eva. jucicy j, project pat, frayser boy, kupsta knicca, crunchy blac, and the illest rapper alive: T-ROCK (reppin ATL)
guy 1: damn them niggas was bumpin that three 6 at that party last night.
guy 2: yah man that shit bump!
by Ben Joseph May 06, 2005
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when someone (mainly a guy) trys to suck your dick and u smack 'em in the forehead with your wang. it leaves a mushroom-shaped mark.... hence mushroom tattoo
last night this fag was tryin to blow me and i gave that biutch a mushroom tattoo!!
by Ben Joseph January 18, 2004
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