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A shortened slang term for ghetto. The G and the O are silent, obviously. This is a really really cool way to pronouce the word ghetto. It also takes much less time to say.
Oh my, we seem to be in the hett!

Kate is such a suburbanite she would certainly be shot in the hett.
by Beka Lioki December 14, 2007
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a type of urinal, the kind you might find in most male bathrooms. a tuba is the kind of urinal that is lower to the ground for midgets, and an inconveniance for tall people. it usually has the most bacteria on it, so cotton swabs can be used to test for this. occasionally mistaken for a musical instrument.

Abigail: Emily, we just tested the tuba for bacteria and man is there a lot!
Emily: What, you mean like a urinal?
Abigail: Yeah!

The tall man was at a disadvantage using the tuba urinal.
by Beka Lioki December 14, 2007
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