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Sick grocery store.

Applying there was the best idea ever because their employees get so many benefits and parties.

Only in Texas though and they're about to expand to Louisiana . Started in 1905 by Florence Butt simply to support her family. Then Howard Edward Butt, her son, took over the company. Now look where it's at. :D
Steven: Aye, Willis! Where you been man?
Willis: Bro, I've been at the Heb Christmas party.
Steven: What the sex. We don't get that shiz at Kroger.
Willis: It's because you suck.
by Beerad875 August 21, 2011
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A state of chill. Branched off from the word boredom.

Except you're chill.

The legal way to forget about all your worries and focus on nothing but chilldom

Has no suffixes or prefixes... Chilldom is and will be

Step 1: Go to Pandora
Step 2: Put in Mayday Parade radio
Step 3: Chill out
Step 4: Chilldom
My girlfriend broke up with me today so I began chilldom

This song has the chilldom tempo ever!

Bro! that is so chilldom!
by Beerad875 June 18, 2011
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