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The only person in your life who cares about what you think .
Man everyone left me today. Well I still have myself.
by Beef supreme 69420 December 21, 2020

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The result of an Alex Jones conspiracy theory that went through an Ubisoft bug fix team.
Cyberpunk 2077 reminds me of the mute protocol event in rainbow six siege.
by Beef supreme 69420 December 21, 2020

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1. A person that expects the black population to warship them if they run for president or govenener for "ending slavery". When in reality it was there party that wanted slavery to stay and it was the Republican party that wanted it to end.

2. A person with no job that demands that he/she gets paid money

3. A supporter of the LGBTQ rights movement

4. A person that has little to no respect for 2nd amendment rights

5. A person that complains about not being rich

6. Someone who labels any riot that wasnt supported by them ( the jan 6 "riot") a insurrection which is a violent uprising against the government.

7. A person who preaches about saving democracy while they have most likely preached about the need for a socialist government.

8. Almost every middle school student

9. A person who supports black people going out in the middle of the night and looting and burning buildings. Incase your a idiot who doesnt know when this happened (because you were to busy watching CNN preaching about the so called "peaceful protesting") go ahead and google 2020 riots and go to images.
Im a Democrat and Im proud
by Beef supreme 69420 March 02, 2021

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