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When you give out the wrong phone number by accident, often as a typo and only wrong by one digit.
bec: have you heard from cory yet?
emma: shit i think gave him my almost-number...gutted

cory: that bitch gave me the wrong number
kelly (cory's ghey friend): nah she mightve just given you her almost-number... its okghey...
by Becstar October 25, 2006
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An overwhelmingly huge amount of something. Abreviation of 'shit-loads'.
"man I got shoads of work to get through today"
by Becstar November 22, 2006
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pronouced "game-over" it can be a noun or an adjective.

Gheymova is derived from the derogatory insult "gheymo" An encapsulation of the extreme derogatory nature of "ghey" and "homo" into one ultra-derogatory package.

Gheymova goes a step further to insinuate that the person in question is so much of a gheymo that they are not worth bothering with, with connotations to the term 'game over' and meaning its so bad its over before it started.
emma: that guy is such a gheymo
bec: fuck that hes a total gheymova.
by Becstar October 25, 2006
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