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Female masturbation, making reference to the finger action one might do to the clit and its similarity to that of double clicking a computer mouse
Becky went home and "double clicked her mouse" last night

Becky constantly "double clicks her mouse" to me

Becky, What are you doing, Watching porn and "double clicking your mouse"?
by BeckysManSlave September 11, 2009
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A slut, a tramp, any girl who ALWAYS looks like a whore and has something hanging out, tits, ass, cooter something!

Frequently takes random guys home even if they are somebody else's brother, boyfriend, dad, husband etc. it doesnt matter to this MEGAWHORE she has no self respect.

She especially likes current or ex boyfriends and husbands of people she knows.

She is probably in a bathroom stall with your man right now!

also see "ho bag"
PJ - Hey Becky the girl is over there talking to your man hangin all over him.

Becky - If that skank face doesn't get her tits out of his face I'm gonna stab her.

Wow look at the girl on stage with a a skirt on and underwear all up in her ass for everyone to see, what a skank face


Jeez that girl goes home with a new dude everynight, what a skank face
by BeckysManSlave September 13, 2009
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french kissing, to make out, tonsil hockey
If we go out you better be prepared to at least "bust a slob".

Last night me and becky "busted a slob"

That kid is a virgin I bet he never even busted a slob
by BeckysManSlave September 13, 2009
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Unpleasant smelling female genital. A stinky pussy.
A cross of skunk and Camel Toe (slang for vagina)
I was with some skank face last night and she stunk up my whole room, that girl had "skunk toe"

Damn girl I can smell you from here you must have "skunk toe"
by BeckysManSlave September 13, 2009
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Female genitalia.

May or may not be pleasing to the nose
Last night I went down on becky's sweet pink skunk muscle!
by BeckysManSlave September 13, 2009
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