68 definitions by Becky

1. noun. Reference from an 1980's Japanese animation series called Voltron. An evil and hideous-looking creature that stands over 50 feet tall.

2. noun. A fat, obese, and/or ugly-looking woman.
Oh my goodness, look at that Robeast trying to squeeze into that tiny swimsuit!
by Becky February 04, 2004
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A shortened name for lacrosse player.
1) Eliz and I were discussing my screenname one day, when we decided to make 'laxer' into a word.

2) Eliz and I are both laxers.
by Becky February 13, 2004
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Urban Redneck

The urban counterpart to the rural. Both underclasses possess a culture, values, language, and dress code characterized by identification with ignorance, substance abuse, objectification of women, crime, poverty and geographic, social and economic isolation.
You might be ghetto if your car has rims which cost more than the car itself.
by Becky August 30, 2006
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Talented, mesmerizing person that is very committed to whatever he endeavors.
Are you an Acey Slade?
by Becky August 12, 2004
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A lesbian who idolises other females (normally famous)
Stop lesbaworshiping angelina jolie! she's mine!
by Becky June 11, 2004
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a house, or a place that you hang out at a lot?
Mom: Where will you be after school, Timmy?
Timmy: Aw' mamma, I'll be at da crib...peace out
by Becky May 30, 2005
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Hardcore and emo. Hardcore music that is very heartfelt.
www.heartcore-emo.org . Mine.
by Becky May 30, 2004
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