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A person with a eastern European background or herritage. In australia they are mostly found in the larger cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
Sydney has a majority of Lebonese wogs, Melbourne has more Greeks and Perth is known to have a large Croatian population. Usually dress in expensive clothes and mafia wogs are often found wearing suits. mostly drive souped up cars like skylines and wrx's usually with a stolen sound system.
The wogs are over there with their FULLY SICK Skyline.
by Beastman March 08, 2005

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an act of sexual intercourse between two men and one woman. The woman crouches on all fours and one man inserts his penis into her mouth the other into her vagina or anus. She then slides backwards and forwards on both penises. This mimmicks the motion of a pirate ship ride.
Me and my mate pirate shipped ya girlfriend last night.


Hey man we should pirate ship that chick
by Beastman March 08, 2005

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a chuancy whos body doesn't fit his head, and has huge rage problems.
that hulk has soiled himself
by beastman September 25, 2003

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When Someone ejaculates in your ear, and it travels through your brain, and eventually exits the other one.
Dude, I totally had this chick In&Outed.
by Beastman October 06, 2004

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A retarded fuck up obsessed with skat, who graduated school at the age of 31 and was finaly allowed to leave their class C4 at Waimea College (for example) behind.
Has a tendancy to frequently indulge in homosexual activities whilst LAN partying.
Examples of LinZ's:
- Jon Jon
- Scott
- Wildo
- Big J
- Yoshi
and many more. Ask Jon Jon.
by Beastman January 28, 2004

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