4 definitions by BeanSucc

That one dickhead who thinks hes shit at art and is fucked up in the head but hes actually good at art and no one really cares
Despacito God> sipik do you hate me?
Sipik> nah man ur fine
Despacito God> fuckinell
by BeanSucc December 10, 2020
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A phrase to describe how president trump is clutching to his presidency when he actually didnt win the 2020 election
DG: nah bro thats just a presidential cling-on running gag
by BeanSucc January 07, 2021
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That one person who's an asshole on discord but real nice in real life.

DG: Ey yo sipik!
Sipik: Fuck You!

Real Life
DG: Ey Yo Sipik
Sipik: Yo
That guys a real sipik
by BeanSucc December 06, 2020
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That one asshole thats mean on discord but actually nice in real life
DG: Ey Sipik!
Sipik: Fuck you!
Real life>
DG: Ey Sipik!
Sipik: Yo!
by BeanSucc December 06, 2020
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