3 definitions by BdubCav

Could mean either "Good For You My Friend" or "Go Fuck Yourself Mother Fucker". Depends on which situation you are in to reach the desired results.
Christian: Did you see my hole in one!
Burt: GFYMF!
Christian: Good for you my friend?
by BdubCav July 24, 2015
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Using data to back up wild claims or statements. This resulting proof will satisfy the end user.
The smooth talking salesman had told me some unbelievable statistics on his product, but in order for me to buy it, I would need to see some data to back it up. This will give me datasfaction.
by BdubCav August 26, 2015
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Referred to an in-home sales appointment when both homeowners are present.
In our business we prefer to run two-legged appointments. The one-legger has a very small chance of a one-time close.
by BdubCav August 26, 2015
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