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Private school located in Cerritos, CA. Full of stuck up people who are all fake. Principal looks like Peter Griffin. Ugly maroon and gold colors. You'll be an outcast if you're not dutch. Boring parties. Overpriced pizza.
"You need academic help? Fuck you."

"We love Jesus." -Valley Christian High School
by BaseballFan1111 September 2, 2014
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Baseball stadium on top of a very ghetto neighborhood. Mostly fat, drunk, rowdy mexican fans who are stuck in 1988 (when they last won the World Series.) Possibility of being shanked if you're not mexican or a person of color. Cigarette butts everywhere. Parking is terrible. Great team!
Son: "Hey Dad, want to go to Dodger Stadium?"
Dad: "No son, I don't want to put you in danger."
by BaseballFan1111 September 2, 2014
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