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future president of the united states.
i'm voting for barack obama
nice one, dude.
by bandanasarerad February 10, 2007
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The first time I saw this bands' video (on MTV,coincidentally...),I truly,truly though they were a fake band.
Seriously,I though they were a rip on all these lame glam metal revitalists (Bullets And Octane anyone?),kind of a Spinal Tap for the emo generation.
But,no,they are a REAL band. Aww,man...a rip on themselves.
Good grief,how could anybody claim this band are anything but hilarious?
Watch their "Sease The Day" video for a laugh.
ME: "HaHA,I love Avenged Sevenfold,they're such a great comedy band."
RandomStranger:"Err...dude,they're a real band."
by bandanasarerad October 17, 2006
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Brandon Flowers: No1 enemy of Pete Wentz!
If Pete Wentz and Brandon Flowers ever had dinner together,it would go this way:
It would be awkward until they both got really drunk,then they'd discuss how they both feel they're a passing fad and will be forgotten about in two years,and then they'll cry and their eyeliner will run and streak,and then they'll sloppilly make out and Pete will suck Brandon off in the bathroom (one of those on-off affairs where you turn on the light and people have to wait in line) and then Pete will blog about it.
Woah,me *thinks* that is a good definition of Brandon Flowers.
Brandon Flowers: the person most likely to steal Ian Watkins crown of "I'm not gay! I just look,talk and act gay!"
by bandanasarerad August 21, 2006
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A man whose movies/books are biased,hypocritical,packed with half truths and are undeniably misleading but they ARE entertaining and he gets his point across.
I myself am liberal but I wish Michael Moore would be a liitle less biased.
He is not,as Republicans like to spout,completly useless but his movies do have agendas,just as George Bush does.
And I would rather have Michael Moore bend the truth for the left and the good than George Bush for the right and the evil.
Republican Wanker: "OMG! Michael Moore is a liar!"
Lil' Ol' Me: "Err...and George Bush isn't?"
Republican Wanker: "OMG,baby killing homo!"
Lil' Ol' Me: "If I kill babies,you kill Iraqies."
by bandanasarerad November 11, 2006
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