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the greatest rappers ever 2 hit the stage
the best out of them...bizzy bone..hes got the smoothest rhymes and speed..as well as the others
by balla December 28, 2004
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Best player in College Basketball and will make a GREAT pro!
Rashad dunked on JJ Redick
by Balla March 15, 2005
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A person who is a chode/loser
Damn, Dolapo is a chodesta.
by balla August 25, 2003
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refer to the word gopa
damn gopa, you dark as hell!
by balla January 10, 2005
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the fourth circle of hell
man, you go to high tech high? sorry.
by Balla June 03, 2003
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Bitch who likes to suck all guyss balls 24/7
Shrija is a fuck er
by balla July 29, 2003
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