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Very common in older urban areas on the East coast, the main kitchen being only "for show" with the latest appliances and generally showing off the good dishes - on the ground floor, all real cooking and eating occurs in the downstairs kitchen generally in the basement where there is generally a pantry with nuclear holocaust capacity.
I can't believe grandma served cake and coffee in the show kitchen! She must be trying to impress Mrs. Romanelli from 9th Avenue.
by BaklavaYazdi September 26, 2014
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A common term used to refer to Italy when things go stereotypically wrong, such as at the post office, corrupt politicians, bad tv, wasted public money, new infrastructure that is 20 years out of date by the time it is ready. Most used as a hashtag.
Silvio Berlusconi's private disco featured not only aspiring showgirls performing striptease acts as sexy nuns and nurses, but one woman dressed up as President Barack Obama and a prominent Milan prosecutor whom the billionaire media mogul has accused of persecuting him. #Shitaly
by BaklavaYazdi September 22, 2014
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