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a slim smart cute ass mofo with a brownish hair who can dance hip hop.
Damn! That dude is rolly!
by bot December 29, 2004
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One who wants to do a prank on 03/03/03. Also charactarized by saying funny things online.
ex)TAzaMIzION: we should plant tadpoles that grow into frogs
ex)TAzaMIzION: and then when ppl figure it out
TAzaMIzION: they'd be like "ohhh"
ex) TAzaMIzION: i HavE to Talk liKe ThiS
TAzaMIzION: WhEn I TaLk AbOut ThE ASiAns
You pulled such a Wu today when u were like "he has twice as less yogurt as him" and we were like "that is so humor"
by BOT February 10, 2003
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One who looks like they rape little boys
Hey, you a sleezey ass bitch.
by BOT February 10, 2003
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