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A sociopath is someone with a social metal disorder that either causes them to lack a moral compass, have a moral compass that doesn't really point north, or ignore their moral compass. There are two basic types of sociopath; inherent and noninherent. Inherent sociopaths are often less moral than noinherent sociopaths considering they never were taught right from wrong. Many people have come to think of sociopaths as emotionless assholes that manipulate and do not value other humans. Although most extreme cases find this to be true, some sociopaths are actually NOT evil serial killers like Ted Bundy or brutal fascists like Adolf Hitler. I myself am a sociopath, and am actually able to feel emotions, contrary to popular belief, he'll, I've even had several steady relationships. Anyway, several qualities about sociopaths actually differ greatly with society's views.
Hitler was a sociopath, but Mufasa had a few sociopathic qualities, too.
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The shitty sequel to the shitty J. J. Abrams remake of the legendary Star Trek series. Basically the mentally depraved child of Star Wars and The Wrath of Khan.
I never k we what it felt like to have my eyes raped. Then I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness.
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A species of slug that is known to inhabit the dingiest, most disgusting places known to man. This creature feeds on human waste and filth, and it is agreed upon by most zoologists that its excrement is far more vile and toxic than what it ingests as sustenance. Its mating call sounds vaguely like a popular song written by the Flobots (though anyone foolish enough to find this breed of slug suitable as a pet would vehemently deny this), and it often creates nests for itself with its own filth and excrement. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid this creature if one encounters it in the wild.
Logan Paul is known to expel waste that is much more vile than its sustenance.
by BEN drowned/Kenny McCormick September 06, 2018
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