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Is when a person is lying, fibbing or witholding information. Inspired by the childrens story The boy who cryed wolf
Hey Alex have you seen my IPod
No Tommy I haven't
What ever Alex you're wolfin
by BDiddy1 November 09, 2007

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During vaginal intercourse, the male will attempt to fist the woman anally, wrap his penis with the skin wall between the woman's vagina and anus and begin to masturbate while penis and hand are in the woman.
Dude I gave sally a Seattle South Paw last night
What Happened?
She cryed, but I've never came so hard in my life.
by BDiddy1 November 09, 2007

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When your buddy is impatient and doesn't want to "wait his turn" on the salty wench. You share your wench but strictly "no homo" style. Coffee table rule is defined as the rule of "you stay on your side of the coffee table (the coffee table being the females back as she is on all fours) and I'll stay on my side". The females back can also be USED as a table to set your beer or other beverage of choice on, assuming all parties are in sync and things don't get too wild.
"Sheridan, this may take longer than I had expected, you can jump in on the other end but coffee table rules bro."
by Bdiddy1 June 13, 2014

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