4 definitions by Azure Terror

A type of sauce mixed with many different kinds of sauce, usually a mixture of Honey BBQ, Ranch and Sweet and Sour.
by Azure Terror June 10, 2016
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Run for your live's it's the Azure Knight!
by Azure Terror January 19, 2008
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The Hanogi live within death
by Azure Terror January 17, 2008
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The fouth game in the Soul series
This game featured three new charecters, a creator a charetcer, and a secret final boss
This game also told the story of how Siegfiend and Nightmare were no longer the same person
It also took away the Tag Battles from 2
One of the best and wrost games in the Soul Series
Soul Calibur 3 is a sick game, but 4 will be far better!
by Azure Terror January 17, 2008
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