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Male Genetal Appendage - Penis
As used by "Ted Bullpit" From 70's/80's Australian Sitcom "Kingswood Country"
"Those pants are pretty short ted"
"Jeez me dingletwang isn't showing is it?"
by Aussie Hoops April 29, 2007
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To be beyond Ridiculous
Man that shit is the height of ridicularity
by Aussie Hoops May 24, 2007
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A cross between an alligator and a monkey.
1. That chick looks like an allagonkey
2. we were in the amazon when we were surrounded by a pack of allagonkies
by aussie hoops November 05, 2007
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Anyone who is A dickhead, Moron, Showboating Poofter, posing ponce, preppy loser who wears oversised girl's yellow supre sunglasses to hide his crossed eyes, who believe's his own hype and has no respect for anyone and will get nowhere in life.
That guy over there wearing a jacket, no shirt, 3 pair of underpants and his pants pulled down around his knees is such a corey delaney.
by Aussie Hoops January 17, 2008
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