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A senior high school, located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, that seems to be getting a strange amount of attention lately (John Mayer performing at the senior prom, a book written about the high school and its prom, perhaps a movie deal in the works).
I would have graduated from Pennsbury High School if I hadn't moved.
by Autumn May 24, 2004

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Southern form of potato.
I got me some mash tators!
by Autumn August 16, 2004

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another word for disgusting
ewww thats rank
by autumn November 12, 2003

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Redneck way to say "jobs".
Dey terk our jerrrbs!!!!
by AuTuMN August 16, 2004

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When someone is angry at someone and wants to use a dildo as a weapon... *wink*
"Kildo that biatch!"
by Autumn July 02, 2004

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Someone who is born in September is called a September baby
Jesus: Im not a September baby, are you?
Nacho man: I was born in September so i am.
Jesus: Well isnt that posh!
Pizza shop guy: Awesome we are both September babies Nacho man!
by AUTUMN June 16, 2013

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means like oh you're joking
oh my god you joler
by autumn November 12, 2003

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