11 definitions by Assassin aprentice

The reason most people are going to buy Infinite Warfare. Taking the amazing game from 2007 and making it look like it came out this year.
Can't wait to get Modern Warfare remastered! I also get Infinite Warfare for free along with it but I could care less about that game.
by Assassin aprentice November 3, 2016
A new buzzword/ boogeyman of the U.S. Can be added to the list of stereotypical enemies of the United States such as terrorists and communists.
A computer just got hacked? It has to be Russian Hackers!
by Assassin aprentice December 16, 2016
The dizzy, tired, and confused feeling a guy gets after he busts a nut.
My orgasim was so intense that I was stuck in a Jizz Daze for 5 minutes.
by Assassin aprentice October 31, 2016
A sexual fetish that involves someone becoming messy by being covered in chocolate syrup, pies, and other foods.
Me and my girlfriend both have a Wet and Messy fetish.
by Assassin aprentice January 23, 2017
A video game released way back in 2005 for the PS2 and the original Xbox. It's an open world game similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. The setting is 1950s America and is a parody of 50s B-Movies. Everybody should give this game a try. 3 sequels were released in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
by Assassin aprentice September 16, 2016
A place in the summer where boy scouts work on merit badges needed for obtaining the Eagle Scout rank/go to have fun for a week. You can hike, swim, fish, bike,etc. Or you can just spend all your money on Mountain Dew at the Trading Post the whole time. The only major problem of boy scout summer camp? There are unfortunately no girls there. :(
Remember how I spent all my money at the trading post on the first night of boy scout camp? Good times.
by Assassin aprentice June 6, 2016
A great YouTube channel featuring Creepypasta readings, video game related content, and Deep Web exploration videos every Sunday night.
My favorite YouTube channel is SomeOrdinaryGamers. It's a shame that it's not that popular.
by Assassin aprentice October 19, 2016