34 definitions by AssLicker8497

people that attempt and complete to mind fuck childeren
teachers are absolute cunts
by AssLicker8497 May 28, 2019
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when you slap someone with a salmon after inserting it into their anus
i gave my 6 year old sister a stinky salmon
by AssLicker8497 June 3, 2019
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the noise when a loose piece of metal is in a running motor and makes a Klunkin sound
person 1: theres something wrong with your car
person 2: yeah it be klunkin
person 1:............................. what?!?!
by AssLicker8497 May 26, 2019
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it is something that you use to make your pp stronger
i went to my friend pauls house and then i saw him using the PPXtra Large Exerciser so i joined in and both used it at the same time
by AssLicker8497 November 5, 2019
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