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to 'do an msn server' is to not work when needed. It is to piss everyone off when it is inconvenient for them. It is also to respond slow and do maintenance or repair at the completely wrong time and without warning
Billy: Man... those road works are totally doing an MSN Server!!
Bobfred: Yeah I know... i needed to get to work down the main road which is only 2km, but i had to go the long way, 10km instead!
by Ashley Steel March 08, 2005
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Ozwidge is one of those words which someone knows the meaning of yet does not want to tell anyone else. So therefore; Ozwidge becomes the word that describes a situation where someone knows the meaning to a word but no-one else does.
Bill: hahaa i know what the word 'Ozwidge' means and you don't!
Germima: Oh, can you please tell me Bill!?!
Bill: Yay i created an ozwidge situation with the word 'ozwidge'!
Germima: Huh?!?
by Ashley Steel February 11, 2005
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Used to sum up anything random, odd or unusual.

Used to announce disgust or suprise at how random something is
I love randomnessity

That show was a whole bunch of randomnessity

**Internet Explorer just randomly crashed again**
by Ashley Steel April 18, 2005
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