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Named after Italian porn actor Remigio Zampa, a zampa is the act of pinching a girls nose while she's giving you head. While doing this, you should yell: "I will kill you with MY cock!" in a cheesy, Italian accent
- I did a zampa on my girlfriend last night

- Was it good?

- Not for her...
by Asger W September 17, 2006
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The most unlikely victory of all. The kind of victory where you face opposition like never before and still manage to win whatever you're doing.

Comes from the movie Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude van Damme as Frank Dux. In the final match of the Kumite, Chong Li beats up van Damme real good and blinds him with some kind of powder. Fortunately, van Damme was great at serving tea for his late Shidoshi while blindfolded, and therefore he is still able to defeat Chong Li, all while yelling: "Baaaaaaah!"
Bloodsport, The Quest, Kickboxer, the list goes on... Classic van Damme has to have at least one Bloodsport victory
by Asger W July 12, 2006
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All round slogan. Use it to show that you disagree with a cause and have a hard time taking it seriously. Originally used by Ali G (Sascha Baron Cohen) at an anti-abortion rally.
Crusading speaker: We will not stand and watch while God's laws are being violated! Homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry!

*loud cheer*

Random guy: Yeah, and free Nelson Mandela!
by Asger W October 31, 2007
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