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"Obamanomics: $1.08 trillion debt and 8.9% unemployment for 2012"

"The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday predicted the budget deficit will rise to $1.08 trillion in 2012.

CBO also projected the jobless rate would rise to 8.9 percent by the end of 2012, and to 9.2 percent in 2013."

I told you so..... what else can I say. I can't believe I remember this.

Yet the liberal hippy will still vote for obama, enen though Obama accomplished none of his goals but socialist healthcare. But that must be enough. A pure example of Liberal Hippy Politics.

It is really kind of beautiful isn't it?
by ArtVandalay July 30, 2012
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A girl that is one brought on by beer goggles. She looks great at the bar or at night with low lights but in full light with no buzz, you wish you coulda done better. Can be synonomous with chip shots.
I thought she was super hot but she ended up being a dark night queen. She would have to be a brown bagger in the day.
by Artvandalay April 04, 2008
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A girl with great endowment that enjoys showing it off with low cut shirts, open tops, etc. One that you hope you have mirrored sunglasses that no one else can see through so you can check out all of the glory.
Wow, did you see that girl? She was a sunglass special for sure.
by Artvandalay April 04, 2008
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A girl that has a great body and looks great from afar, but not so much up close. Not unlike a chip shot in golf. Looks good from 50 yards out but once closer, its not what you wanted. Synonym of butter face.
That girl we saw yesterday was a chip shot.
by Artvandalay April 03, 2008
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