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A term usually used to describe a slowly sinking ship. Once so sturdy and seemingly indestructible, it suddenly started to slide away and break down.
That relationship crashes and burned.
Yep, it pulled an arsenal
by ArsenalFan57 December 08, 2019
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AFCAgnew runs football Twitter. Generational tweets, but most get nabbed and bang. A King Of Kings, this Don never misses. A true GOAT of Football Twitter
Yet another Genarational tweet from AFCAgnew, unmatched account.
by ArsenalFan57 February 06, 2021
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Do you have 90 minutes?!
Then come on down to the Jacksepticeye How Did We Get Here tour.
*Wakes up in field*

How did we get here?”
by ArsenalFan57 January 19, 2020
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An Irish comedy trio with some of the best jokes on YouTube.

Foil, the blond leader.
Arms, the stocky lad with perfect comedic timing.
Hog, brown haired loveable scrap who is also Anne Flanagans stunt double
“I’m going up to Dublin for the weekend to see Foil Arms and Hog live!”
“Nice, I saw them in New York last summer
by ArsenalFan57 June 25, 2020
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