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Two separate piercings connected by one barbell. A similar piercing, in which a captive ring is used instead of a barbell; is called and "orbital." Most commonly placed at the helix of the ear.
"Hey, nice 'Industrial Piercing.'"
by Arkasai March 19, 2006
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The act of pulling one's head back as far as it will go, then thrusting it forward with great force, causing the whole upper body to nearly meet the knees. Much like head banging, only your waist acts like your neck would.
Live performances by metal bands, usually the lead singer, as instruments tend to hinder body banging.
by Arkasai November 13, 2006
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1. Any baked product that someone has mixed in or sprinkled their pubes onto.

2. A very hairy scrotum or vagina

3. Synonomous with asshole (person)
*gag* Oh fuck this is a pube muffin!
by Arkasai October 02, 2005
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