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An application that chat roulette needs to add that literally blocks cocks from the screen. This would entail a cock-identifying application that would need to work better than facebook's face recognition feature. It would also cut down on 90% of chat roulette users.
He was going to flash people on chat roulette, but the new application cock blocked him. He's gone back to flashing girls at parties.
by Architect of Destruction November 22, 2010
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(v) Preventing someone from shopping.

(n) The person who prevents someone from shopping, or the act of preventing someone from shopping
I was supposed to go shopping with her, but she didn't show up until after the store closed. It was such a shop block.

I wanted to buy a scarf that she hated so she totally shop blocked me.
by Architect of Destruction November 20, 2010
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An expression used when eating too much (and thus getting a food baby) induces a stomach ache. Often associated with menstrual cramps exacerbated by over-eating. "Baby" may also be pronounced "bebe".
Why did I eat that third piece of pizza and then the fro yo? My food baby is kicking like hell.
by Architect of Destruction October 24, 2010
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A phrase added to the end of a jinx to counter the jinx.
-I don't think there will be traffic...
-You jinxed it!
-In North Korea right now.
by Architect of Destruction April 27, 2012
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