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A producer that started his career in the early 21st Century. Thoughts of his inspirations; Timberland and the Neptunes, drove him to create beats during slow times at work. His popularity sky rocketed in 2004 after he released his first album entitled "No Words", which was dedicated to his mother.
Shortly after it's release Ran Skills was sued by TV Star Richard Dean Anderson (better known as MacGyver) for using music samples that Richard said belonged to him. The resulting court battle thrust Ran Skills into the spotlight. After a short court battle, Ran Skills emerged victorious. The decisions in the case Skills vs. MacGyver are still used as precedents today.
Did you hear that song with Luda'?
Yeah I think RAN SKILLS produced it!
by Aquinas March 20, 2003
Simply put, a heart. Often used with the <font color="red"> html tag, to signify a red heart.
by Aquinas January 28, 2003
He school for posh fagots who think they are too shit but in reality blunt penis”s they have 3 hours a day to focus on anal sessions which includes widening bumholes using a ruler or carot sometimes even textbook
Trinity College
by Aquinas August 28, 2020
The Asian variation of the classic smiley face. This is sometimes used in more cheerful situations.
by Aquinas January 27, 2003
The much more sophisticated version of "w00t". Often used in variation with othe similar words. b00tz0rz can be a standalone exclamation, or it can be a concrete idea, ie. to w00tz0r one's b00tz0rz is to woot one's boots. This is closely related to rocking one's boxers, or r0x0r j00r b0x0rz.
The term was coined by the infamous KryptoniumFetus.
OMFGIES, we w00tz0rz j00r b00tz0rs, kthxbye.
by Aquinas January 27, 2003
A whiffy is a line of cocaine but is far more often used in the plura - whiffies.
No more whiffies for Raynor, he's too fucked up already.
by Aquinas January 24, 2005