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The hit sequel to halo: combat evolved released in 2004.
There are a few modes in Halo 2, including a story and multiplayer.
The story follows this green space turbo virgin called master chief and this dinosaur alien fucker called the arbiter. Basically they're on opposite sides of the human-covenant war.
Next up is the multiplayer. Instead of a magnum meta, the go to weapon in Halo 2 is the Battle Rifle (BR55). Fires 3 round bursts and kills in 4 bursts to the head. Unlike Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3, the bullets in this game are hitscan instead of projectile. That means wherever you are, as long as the crosshair is over the target, it'll hit.

It is also objectively the best halo game
"Ey bro wanna play some halo 2?"
"I'm down"
by AntiCaesar October 11, 2019
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What you say before checking a person's vibes. Then you deck them.
by AntiCaesar October 11, 2019
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