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The idea of using simple steps to overcome obstacles, problems, situations; something a wise and intelligent person uses to avoid making things assumed or implied; knowing the correct thing over the fastest and easiest thing
Halo Forge game; March the 31st, 2013

P1: Why did you place all the spawns there? And that Coliseum Wall there?
P2: Sorry!
P1: You are stupid
P2: Bitch! Not knowing one thing does not make me stupid. You know I made it through 8 years of college.
P1: Damn. You're right. I should use logic.

P2 was very intelligent, and P1 forgot not knowing one damn thing does not make you stupid; he forgot to use logic!
by Anti-Everything You Say March 31, 2013
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A kid from Rochester Hills, Michigan, who loves video games, food, and B00B1ES! Can also mean a kid who can be very annoying at times, but still awesome and funny.
P1: Are you a John Huffman?
P2: Yeah.

P1: How?
P2: Uh...I like boobies?
P1: Oh.
by Anti-Everything You Say March 31, 2013
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You misspelled douche, didn't notice, and still searched. Try again!
You: Let's see what the true definition of "douche" is. *Types douchew*
Me: Lol, try again.
You: What a faggot no-life, you actually made a page so that if anyone misspells douche they would be directed here.
Me: Got to love Internet trolls! Hop off the Internet, Human, you're wasting your time. Feel butthurt? Call the cops, I dare you.
by Anti-Everything You Say August 18, 2013
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The absolute bosstrocity and godliness of this man cannot be described in words....yes, he is that amazing. In the rating of bossest things in the Universe, he is above any god. Above anything else in sight and mind. You don't touch this man. He is untouchable. He is unfrigginebelieveable. He is...Chuck Norris. You cannot argue. No matter what you say or think, opinions don't matter. It is fact. Chuck Norris is more than a god.
Chuck Norris threw a grenade and it killed reports estimate 14 people. Then it blew up a few seconds later.
When you search up to find Chuck Norris on Google and click I'm feeling lucky, you don't find a link. Chuck Norris finds you.
Chuck Norris lost his virginity before his father did.
by Anti-Everything You Say July 13, 2013
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