2 definitions by Anthony .A. Hedayat

1. Confusion and frustration. 2. A heated situation amongst well meaning people due to a breakdown in communication. 3. A breakout of fury from cultural animosities leading to war. 4. An accident by a senile person.
1. Talks at the UN often lead to confustion. 2. He loved his wife but she confusted him all to much when talking politics. 3. The teacher was great because he was patient with even the the most confusted students.
by Anthony .A. Hedayat January 11, 2005
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To end; to terminate; to kill off in a nonbiological sense; kind of like squashing from a position of strength and with moral certitude; to basically reverse a decision or situation with conviction. A word I thought existed in the english language. One I have used many years thinking all know it well. I was amazed to not find it in the dictionary!
1.He realized it was a bad decision to proceed with the contract so he put the kabash on the deal. 2.His son was greatful that his father put the kabash on what would have been a miserable situation.3.
by Anthony .A. Hedayat January 11, 2005
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