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It's what you do things for.
Why post a giant image of 50 Hitlers?
I did it for the lulz
by Another Anonymous March 18, 2007
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The singer and guitar player for Heart Attack Inc. Seems like he's all about sex, drugs, and violence, but he's actually smart, funny, charismatic, and really just wants to be loved. IMO he could get any girl he wanted,but he always stays away from people in school, and rarely talks. I saw him outside once, and he was talking to everyone around him and was having fun. I went up to him and had a conversation with him and I was shocked to see how crazy he was...I would love to get high with him. There was less people around later, and he was back to being quiet like in school, and he told lots of really deep shit about his life.
Me: You see that fag up there?

Guy: You mean that rockstar Nate Vendetta jamming up there? (Song ends, audience cheers, girls scream "I love you")

Me: Yeah I guess he's not a fag.

Guy: Dude, I want his autograph!
by Another Anonymous August 11, 2014
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Intelligent, beautiful, and a strong lady.
She loves to fight, but fights to love.
Him: You are such an audali
Her: thanks, i appreciate it
by Another Anonymous April 10, 2013
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