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Translation-Friends with benefits- the words basically explains itself... Friends that are usually both single; that do "stuff" together as in sex, making out etc.
He became my fwb over the summer
by AnonymousBlondeGirl01 August 28, 2015

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They're very honest and trustworthy people, very mysterious. Autumn's are originals they drum to their own beat, they're aren't afraid to be themselves and they'll tell you as it is... They mostly have blonde hair and blue eyes and kind of chunky... They don't have much self-confidence but she's beautiful anyway… People often ignore her but if you know an Autumn talk to her… You’ll won’t regret it you can always trust her… She’ll never invade your trust… If you invade her trust and honesty, it’s over she’ll never even look at you again; she forgives you but also forgets you
A perfectly imperfect person, Autumn...
by AnonymousBlondeGirl01 March 02, 2015

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