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A hide and seek like minigame popularly played in Garry's Mod but exists within other games as well one notable being Call of Duty World War II. In this minigame one team hides as objects around a map while the other team attempts to find and kill them within a given time limit.
"Hey dude want to go play Prop Hunt?"
by Anonymous Bullshit March 14, 2018

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A name given to the ultimate thot in a school. The thot who will try anything to show their status as a thot. Tends to lead a pack of thots. In most cases has a snapchat full of nudes and has slept with more guys than one would care to count.
"She's Thotamus Prime, I heard she even went for the nerdy fat guy who sits alone all the time."
by Anonymous Bullshit March 14, 2018

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A popular bot made for and used in Discord with a vas array of commands from moderation to looking things up on Urban Dictionary.
UB3R B0T is a go to bot for useless yet hilarious results.
by Anonymous Bullshit June 11, 2018

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