123 definition by Anna

Land of awful weather. You can freeze there in summer time.
Land of drinkers and black sheep.


It's the greenest land i've ever seen. The most beautiful, the most 'mystic'.
The land of shamrocks, POTATOES(!!!!!) poets & writers.
Ireland rocks and will rock forever.
The sky moves with you.
green, clouds, guinness
by Anna January 09, 2005

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Symbol, meaning the word, "bite"
This really <s.
This really bites.
by anna June 18, 2004

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a bad exscuse to call a group of people a band.
Nsync was just one bad idea.
by anna December 08, 2003

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Totally awesome country that I've visited many times even though I am an American citizen and didn't get dual-citizenship until last year. Fuck off all you stupid ass Aussies who think NZ is a load of shit cuz nobody here or there likes you either. Oh, and none of you dumbshits can imitate their accents, so just stop trying before you hurt yourself trying to think about it.
Aussie: NZ'ers suck
American/NZ citizen: Fuck you
Aussie: We're the shit so fuck yourself, we know every fucking thing about NZ and everything else too
American/NZ citizen: bullshit, you don't seem to know that everyone hates you! And that you'll never come close to knowing shit about anything NZ.
by Anna April 16, 2004

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