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A state of utter frustration.

Taken from the annoyance of a chicken, or any feathered creature having their feathers plucked off.
Diva 1: Did you see what noxema posted about you on her blog?!
Diva 2: Yes honey, i saw it yesterday and believe me i was plucked!
by Aniko October 06, 2006

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Someone undesirable to an extreme degree. Usually someone completely oblivious to the way others percieve them.

-Traits of a seed pod-

Never anything positive to say.

Always looks for the flaws in anything so to make sure its
not looked at as perfect.

Poorly educated yet resonates an aura of superiority.

Is always at the disco alone and tries to slip into your
area of occupance so to seem like they are with you.

Socially maladaptive

Katinka: Ugh, theres jefree standing by the bar.
Petrova: Let's walk by the dj booth fast before he spots us, hes such a seed pod.
by Aniko October 06, 2006

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A label slapped on anyone bearing the trademark UFO pants, kandy jewelry, Visors, Glowstrings/Sticks/Ect, Multi-colored hair, Funny backpacks and listens to the genre formally known as rave music.

The term has lost its meaning seeing as the culture has died out due to government meddling. Anyone who still calls themself a raver is very un-hip and is looked at as a poser for trying to ressurect the term.

You look at someone who calls themself a "Raver" the same way you would someone who calls themself a "Disco Dancer"

-- At a modern club somewhere in the world --

clubber 1- " Oh god, look at that loser raving with glowsticks"
clubber 2- " He thinks hes a raver, what a poser, he's 10 years too late "
by Aniko October 06, 2006

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