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Bad Ass Mother Confessor

An alternate form of BAMF but pertaining to Bridget Regan's character on Legend of the Seeker; the Mother Confessor. Hence "Bad Ass Mother Confessor"

First coined by RelaxJolene this term is widely used to refer to anything related to Bridget Regan and her character on LOTS. Used largely in icons it also was a trending topic on Twitter.
The BAMC's legs will kill you!" "She brought the BAMC out!", "Kahlan Amnell is such a BAMC
by Anei May 27, 2010
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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, T:SCC or SCC was a show that aired on FOX between 2008 and 2009. It follows Sarah Connor, her son John Connor and their terminator protector Cameron Phillips.
It takes place between the movies Terminator:2 and Terminator:3.
When they moved Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to Friday night it was the beginning of the end.
by Anei March 12, 2009
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the fear of being corrected
Bob - “yeah i hate right spaces, i think i have correctiphobia”

Jim - “you mean claustrophobia

Bob - “AH!”
by Anei November 7, 2021
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