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an awesome tool and or toy used exclusively by gangsters. (also, "gg")created by #1 stunna Esther Kim
Man, the Sony PSP is a freakin' ganster gadget!

That new razor cell phone is such a gg.
by Andy Kim April 04, 2005
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a mix of the words reach and achieve... usually uttered by mistake when intoxicated
who will help me reachieve my goal of shotgunning all these beers?
by Andy Kim February 15, 2005
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make a n*gga look stupid, to f*ck them up, used on online computer games, or to make you my b*tch for life
^pssH killed phiLifer* with headshot
^pssH killed asc|f. with headshot
^pssh killed Knight with knife
^pssh killed hang00k** with knife
by andy kim May 12, 2004
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a.k.a. "FARF".

what you say when you can't say the real thing.
Who/What/When/Where/Why the farf?
Are you farfin' retarded?
Yo man, that's farfed up...
by Andy Kim February 23, 2005
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