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a girl that is attractive but too young to have sex legaly (under the age of consent). she may tempt older men to go after her, and if they do they will end up behind bars....hence, she is "jailbait".

the age of consent is different in different parts of the world. In NY, its 18.
1) Jojo
2) The chic who plays Hermione in the Harry potter movies

Guy 1: "Dude I think that chic is checkin me out."
Guy 2: "No man, stay away she looks like jailbait to me."
Guy 3: "Yea man, 14 will get you 20."
by Andy Cee July 26, 2006

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A clener, less slutty, less Newark version of Myspace.
myspace is to guido.....as facebook is to preppy.
Newark is to myspace....as Greenwich is to facebook.
by Andy Cee July 27, 2006

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A prestigious prep school in Connecticut. A much higher quality institution than Trinity Pawling....and you people complaining about it have no idea what youre talking about. Just be glad your school is co-ed.
Choate guy 1: "Yo dude, u go to TP"
Me: "Yea"
Choate guy 1: "Yo bro i wanna go there, I heard they got sick Lax"
Me: Never say that again.
by Andy Cee July 27, 2006

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A facebook for black people.
Greenwich is to facebook as Harlem is to Sconex.
by Andy Cee August 05, 2006

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