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The practice of skewing a website's analtyics or online survey by encouraging Internet users to go and repeatedly interact with the site or survey a certain way.
I told Jeanne if she wants to make sure that Hula puts their adverisements up front, rather than throughout, she should do some crowdskewing with her Facebook and Twitter friends and tilt the results of their poll.
by AndrewMcL August 21, 2009

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To assign someone a task knowing that is fraught with risk and may implode.
To leave someone holding the bag.
It's going to fail anyway, so plone the project off to Jessica.
by AndrewMcL July 22, 2008

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To take over (a task or responsibility) from someone else.
To make a unilateral decision to assign yourself as the person to resolve an issue.
Ryan's just going to pone the JIRA ticket from Peter.
by AndrewMcL April 16, 2009

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