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Derives from the word orgasm.

When someone has experienced just too much nerdiness at one time, they are saidto have a nerdgasm. The person usually goes into a state of shock and can't speak for up to 1 hour. Never distured a someone who as recently nerdgasmed because the person is prone to just spurt out random nerdy things that regular people could never comprehend.
Person one: Dude, the PS3 is going to use blu-ray discs, imagine the texture file quality!!!

Person two:*nergasm*!!!
by Andrew Kuehler December 25, 2004

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This is where all the cool kids hung out in Junior High. The closer to the back of the bus one is usually signifies one's social status. The losers(i.e. nerds, retards, smelly kids, etc.) sat in the front, while the cool kids(i.e. jocks, rich kids, sluts, etc.) sat in the back.
"Dude, look at that slut Sally making out with Billy in the back of the bus!"
by Andrew Kuehler October 13, 2005

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Slang term for bitch
Shut up you stupid be-hatch!
by Andrew Kuehler September 08, 2004

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