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1.Non-sexual yet highly affectionate behavior exchanged by couples when alone often involves unusual positions improvised to create as much contact as is possible while still remaining practical for the activity taking place.

2.The only environment in which to see WASPs engage in male to female contact other than holding hands.

3.The often overly affectionate way that girls like to cuddle with/on their boyfriends when together, alone, and feeling cutesy.

Also known as PriD.A (Pree-dee-ay)
Jay: "I think Cindy has been cheating on me man."
Fred: "Why is that?"
Jay: "Well her phone is busy at late hours of the night and she wont give me any Pri.D.A"

Sammy:"It's that time of the month and Shayna is PMSing so I have to spend 6 hours with her PriD.A'ing on my lap to keep her quiet."
Mike:"That sucks dude."

Frank and I had some great PriD.A. last night while watching a movie in the basement.

Mrs. Mason never gives her husband so much as a peck on the cheeck in public, but I walked in on them in the middle of a Private Display of Affection last week in the clubhouse kitchen.
by AnagramForOrgies March 17, 2009

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Slang for a nasty, smelly gross poonani.

Originates from the enormous ditches that fox-hunters jump over in search of tail.
Dude, don't tap Ayla, that girl has a serious dip of death!

Nadine: Hey baby, wanna get some of this dip of death?
Jim: Nah, i'll jump this dip of death thanks.
by AnagramForOrgies March 17, 2009

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