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Something coming down at the last minute, last resort is to do it live; being in the moment.
Also used in Bill O'reily's rage outburst.
John: shit dude, our report is up next and we don't have any of our work to know what to say.
Kevin: fuck it, we'll do it live.
by Amp10 January 13, 2010

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The´╗┐ blackout effect occurs when a person gets verbally destroyed and the brain has no retort. Due to this, the brain goes into "blackout" mode where the brain shuts down temporarily and the person becomes unresponsive for several seconds.

Noticeable symptoms of "blackout" consists of: nausea, quivering of lips, confusion, awkward eye shifting, and mind blown.
Dick Masterson: Women line up to date guys like me.

Fat lady: I don't see any women lined at all! I don't see any women lined up to you and I would definitely by at the end of that line.

Dick Masterson: Well, if you hit the treadmill a little more you'd be at the front.
...*Blackout Effect*
Dick Masterson: What was that?

Fat lady: ..I didn't hear you because I'm sure it was something stupid and I'm glad I didn't hear you.
by Amp10 May 04, 2011

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