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(Noun) (see also, American General)
1. Wo/man having skill or experience in drinking.
2. One who possesses little concern/fear of the drink.
Soldierly- (adverb)
3. Characterized by soldier-like qualities.
1. Cayce is a damn soldier.
2. The soldier drank nearly 300 beers without a care.
3. Jack displayed soldierly behavior with that 5 1/2 minute keg stand. That was downright American General quality drinkin'!
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1. A pimp/ette's vehicle, designed for the most comfortable fuck achievable. (I know..) First produced in 1938, 1956-60 the Mark II-V were released under solely the "Continental" name, in 1961 the Continental was completely redesigned from scratch. 60's models were often characterized by suicide doors, a design flaw that makes for an extremely sexy, deadly vehicle. The accelerator must be pressed with a pimp cane, and there are dual goblet holders for you & your hoe passenger's drinking pleasure.
1. "Oh, Sandy..I'm so glad we did it in the Continental!"
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1. Synonym for Breasts. Especially bountiful and luxuriously textured large breasts (draped in velvet).
2. "Ka-zoo-za!"- The sound a man makes when he views a woman's unsheathed kazoozas, as his penis ascends to its upright position.
"Look at those massive kazoozas!Wham-o, gee willikers!" or "The man tried to stifle the sound of his kazooza with a loud, nasty cough."
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Chinese Buffet Syndrome. Serious condition that effects marijuana smokers (Kailah & Cayce) the day after a massive smoke-out and/or drunken rampage. Characterized by: Blurred vision, Poor decision-making skills, Perpetual giggling for uncertain reasons & Sexiness. If you have any of these symptoms (except the last one) you should consult your dealer immediately.
"Everytime i experience CBS, i leave with another pair of (stolen) nutcrackers in my pocket!" or "This CBS...hehehehehehehehe.."
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(see also soldier)
1. (Or just "General") (noun) The technical nomenclature for a step above (quite a big step) the "soldier" in the American Drinking Hierarchy. (aka: the ADH)

2. (noun) An insurance company located in Ocala, Fl adjacent to the Eastern Buffet (American-Japanese-Chinese) and possibly elsewhere.

3. (proper noun) Cayce Kolozsy

4. (proper noun) Kailah Netherclift as the aforementioned term's bitch.
1. He was proclaimed the "general" by the screaming naked party bitches.
2. Go to the American General headquarters for all of your insurance needs.
3. Cayce is the (fucking) general.
4. Kailah C. Netherclift is the general's bitch, she tends to the general's every alcohol related need.
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