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Alright, where shall I start? Hmm.. A poser is someone who tries to fit in with a certain crowds, or masks who they really are to fit in.
You shouldn't have to do this to be accepted.
I mean, don't say you skateboard when one, you have no idea how to in the first place, and two, you could get yourself into a conversation about skateboarding where you don't know what the hell you're even talking about.
I mean, why should it matter what crowd you fit into?
If you're naturally a scene kid, go ahead, keep on being scene. We like it.
If you're naturally a prep, be a prep. Who gives a flying leap?
If you're a prep, and you like a scene kid and you feel you have to change yourself so that they'll notice you, don't. They won't like it, and you won't like it. Besides, who knows? They may just like you for the way you are.

Ohh, and just because someone listens to Good Charlotte, doesn't mean that they're a poser. They just like them.

If a situation arises where you hear that someone likes Good Charlotte, talk to them. See if they like any other bands. Who knows? They could like A Cursive Memory or The Dreseden Dolls just as much.
..BUT, if they say, "Ohh yeah, Good Charlotte is like, so punk.", you have my permission to kick the shit out of them.

Good Charlotte is not punk, mmkay pumpkins?
but just because some people like them doesn't mean they're posers.
by Amberr July 10, 2006

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A band that is listened to by the masses. People think that only psychopathic, freaky, dim-witted preppies listen to them, but that is entirely untrue.

1. We do NOT all think Joel is hott. Get over it.

2. Some of us, I repeat, SOME of us actually have brains and can use them in a very intellectual manner.

3. They aren't trying to be anything. They're just being themselves and making music.

4. You know, you CAN listen to Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and a bunch of other various bands without being a poser.

& 5. Ok, maybe they "sold out", but if you want to have a career in music that you love doing, and actually make money doing it, you HAVE to sign with a major record label. Get over it.
I rest my case. I'm not saying that any of you have to like Good Charlotte, but I'm just asking you to hear me out, because I'm not like most of the fans you've probably met. Good day to you. :]
by Amberr June 11, 2006

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Wow.. What can I say about SLC Punk? Well, for starters, it's a great movie that alomst anyone can relate to and/or get into. Not exactly appropriate for those under the age of 12, but hey, fuck your parents;; Watch it anyway.
Oh, and you, yeah you. The guy who's named "no" or whatever gay-ass name that is. You think that SLC Punk is a movie that kids don't get? Well fuck you man! I'm 14, and I've seen the movie 10 gillion times, and I own it. Oh, and you think that the movie will only "inspire" kids to get a mohawk and drink beer because it's "punk-rock"? Where the hell are you coming from? I fucking hate the taste of beer, and yeah, I've thought about getting a mohawk, but that was way before I saw the movie, buddy.
You're a faggot. GO DIE. :]
by Amberr June 11, 2006

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A necrodendropheliac is someone who likes to have sex with dead trees. :D
Person: Hey, did you know I'm a necrodendropheliac?

Tree: Wow, you should kill me and then we could totally go at it.
by Amberr July 10, 2006

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